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Endless Opportunities

Once you've completed your RPSGT certification, all you have to do is decide where you'd like to live. The CDC indicates over 20% of adults in United States the suffer from sleep apnea. The job opportunities are everywhere, and there's no sign of an industry slowdown.

Of course, if you like the area, our parent company Focus Sleep Centers is always hiring!

RPSGT Salary National Averages

Top Earners

$65,000 annually

~ $31 hourly
75th Percentile

$54,000 annually

~ $26 hourly

$48,713 annually

~ $23 hourly
25th Percentile

$42,000 annually

~ $20 hourly

A Day in the Life

Since we work while others sleep, it should come as no suprise we're night owls! Sleep Technologists typically work overnight shifts to monitor their patients. So, our workdays actually start in the evening.

*This schedule is for demonstrative purposes only. Every employer is different, so your hours will likely vary.

RPSGT Daily Schedule

8:30 pm
Arrive at work to prepare for your shift
8:45 pm
Begin preparing rooms for patients, depending on study type
9:00 pm
Patients begin arriving incrementally to allow for setup upon arrival
11:00 pm
Last patient has been setup and all studies have started
11:15 pm
Monitor patients throughout the night to ensure safety and study validity
2:00 am
Implement PAP therapy if patient criteria are met
6:00 am
Begin waking patients to complete study
6:30 am
Complete end of shift report and grab some breakfast