A-STEP Overview

The goal of the A-STEP Introductory course is to provide a solid foundation for which to build competencies in all areas of sleep medicine. Students are not expected to be experts by the end of the last day, instead, they will have the knowledge and rudimentary skills to support their initiation as a Sleep Technologist Trainee.

For example, let’s say on day one of a trainee’s job, her mentor says, “Our patient today has a recent history of Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and is at the sleep center for Polysomnography to assess efficacy,” the trainee might need a gentle reminder, but she will be competent enough to understand the terminology and comprehend the goal for that patient.

The program begins right after registration with the pre-course modules. These modules will be taken at whatever time and place is most convenient to the student. Module topics include an overview of being a sleep technologist, patient confidentiality, infection control, normal sleep in adults, and various sleep disorders.

The in-person, on site portion of the course will cover about seven 8-hour days. This time will be spent intensively reviewing the job duties of a sleep tech and the fundamental education of all things sleep medicine. You can expect an average class size of about 10 students. Students will demonstrate understanding of PSG annotations and analysis, the sleep study setup process, and associated medical conditions.

Course materials include interactive PowerPoint presentations, partner activities, group discussions, interactive demonstrations, and didactic sessions. Assessment will be performed via daily multiple-choice quizzes and performance evaluations. Students will receive a textbook, a Focus Sleep School Workbook, the AASM Scoring manual, and various other digital resources and links to guide their independent studies.

Program director office hours are open to all students for questions and material clarification.

After the A-STEP introductory course is complete, each student will receive access to the AASM A-STEP Final Exam. The timed open book, open note exam is provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to assess competencies of a Sleep Tech Trainee. Students will have three attempts to pass. A passing score will result in the student’s official certificate of completion.

Students can apply for a trainee position with this certificate.

Each sleep center has their own specific guidelines for hiring but typically you can begin your career at this point. While you are working as a trainee you will need to complete the Post-course AASM A-STEP Modules.

After completion of your post-course modules, you will have officially completed A-STEP!