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The RPSGT Road

A career in sleep medicine is a rewarding and enjoyable opportunity. Not only do you get to help others, but you can do so in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, there is unlimited potential for career development and advancement opportunities.

Getting Certified


Focus A-STEP Introductory Course

  • Complete the Pre-Course Online Modules

  • Attend the In-Person Focus Sleep School

  • Pass the A-STEP Final Exam


Begin Working as a Sleep Technician Trainee

  • Complete the AASM A-STEP Modules

  • Complete the CPSGT Exam


Obtain 819 Clinical Hours

  • Pass the RPSGT Exam

  • Enjoy the rewarding career as an RPSGT

Looking for more

There are ways you can advance your career and become a more competent and marketable employee.

Advancing Your Career

Obtain Your CCSH Credentials

  • Be an RPSGT for at least five years

  • Complete the A-STEP CCSH Modules

  • Pass the CCSH Exam

Obtain Your Pediatric Sleep Certificate

Many Options, One Result

There are various paths to RPSGT certification and each one has a different timeline and expense. A-STEP is the most cost-effective and quickest route to RPSGT exam eligibility.

Pathway Cost Comparison

PathwayTimeframeAverage Cost
OTJ Training & Self Study (Path One)

One Year

~ $750
RCT/T Vocational Program (Path Two)

14½ Months

~ $11,155
COA-PSG Certificate Program (Path Three)

Two Years

v a r i e s
A-STEP (Path Four)

Six Months

~ $3,250
A-STEP costs include the fee for the introductory course as well as the $500 cost of the post-course modules