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CPSGT Candice’s Journey to Becoming a Sleep Technician


Life as a daytime Sleep Tech

  Candice Turner is my go-to girl if I ever need help from the Sleep Lab. She is a daytime sleep tech at Focus Sleep Centers. I am still new to this lab and even with my years of experience I need her when I run an A-STEP introductory course. She is always so willing to help and offer her help when I see her.

Polysomnography CAAHEP Program

Candice is a sleep tech using her knowledge and skills in a daytime position. She started working in sleep in 2018 and has her CPSGT credential. She went to Concorde Career College to become eligible for the exam. Concorde Career College runs a CAAHEP polysomnography program with several locations.

Her interest in sleep comes from a personal connection. Her uncle who is now deceased had worn CPAP for as long as she can remember. Candice and her sister used to play with his equipment all the time when they were little. When she spoke to an advisor at Concorde, sleep technology instantly piqued her interest. "I felt in his honor, this was the perfect career path for me to go down." 

"I felt in his honor, this was the perfect career path for me to go down."

Candice Turner

Passing the CPSGT Exam

She found the education and first month of the job somewhat easy. Her education and Kettering study materials helped her pass the CPSGT on the first go around.

Candice has worked both nights and days as a sleep tech. She finds the night position laid back with less paperwork and more streamlined job duties. Her day shift schedule is a lot more hands on and includes patient interaction, dispensing HST equipment and lab management. She is the gatekeeper that ensures her night tech has everything they need to run a sleep study. 

Plans to Pass the RPSGT exam

This may sound like an easy task but when you have several rooms and many, many different pieces of equipment and supplies the act of maintaining inventory and quality is no easy task.

Candice plans to pass her RPSGT exam and further her career. She originally wanted to become a travel RPSGT and see the world but has found a lot of joy in her current position at Focus Sleep Centers and does not plan on leaving! 

We are wishing Candice luck on getting that next passing score. 

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