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So, You Wanna Be a Sleep Tech?


Sleep medicine and technology has changed dramatically since it was first recognized in the 1970's. Technicians used to jerry-rigg a paint compressor to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea and read squiggly lines on paper, coming home covered in ink. Today, all platforms are digital and there is growing use of artificial intelligence.

A fully trained and credentialed sleep technician is referred to as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist, RPSGT. Sounds fancy, right? Well, either pathway you choose to become one includes formalized education, testing, training with direct oversight, and a passing a nationally recognized board exam. An RPSGT will perform overnight sleep studies on patients with suspected sleep disorders, mainly OSA.

The most recognized credential in this field is the RPSGT... 

As technology advances in any field, there is a reduction in the need for repetitive tasks performed by humans. The same is true for sleep medicine. There is a growing use of home sleep apnea tests that can be applied by the patient in their own home without the attendance of sleep center staff. But that does not mean this is a dying art. This means the need for formally educated staff is more important than ever. Critical thinking skills and extensive knowledge of sleep medicine will be crucial competencies of any new hire. Advanced credentials like the CCSH are being promoted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (the AASM) and the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (the BRPT). The CCSH credential requires knowledge of your standard sleep study in addition to challenges and treatment plans for disorders.

COVID threw a wrench in the industry, similar to the rest of the world. Most sleep centers shut down in March 2020 but with the support of AASM, guidelines were established to help sleep centers reopen and continue to safely provide services to patients. In early 2022, the sleep industry is struggling to find competent staff. If you are interested in a new career that can move you from student to master in less than a year, continue reading.

The most recognized credential in this field is the RPSGT, created and administered by BRPT. BPRT provides several different pathways to enter the field of sleep medicine. The quickest way to earn your credentials while still getting a formal education is Pathway Four.

Focus Sleep School is an A-STEP introductory course provider. We have been established for many years and plan to expand our services and locations throughout 2022. 

Focus Sleep School is a certified A-STEP Introductory Course Provider

A-STEP entails online modules, followed by a 1 week in person course. At this point a student can become employed and obtain the clinical hours needed to sit for the RPSGT exam and earn their credentials. If employed full time during training, you can become eligible after about 6 months. There are additional modules created by AASM that are to be completed during this time. These modules will solidify knowledge obtained during the introductory course.

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